We are well equipped for traditional machine operations as well as gundrilling. Our capabilities cover low to high volume production requirements in a variety of stainless and tool steels, brass, aluminum, titanium and other exotic materials. Typically, parts that are manufactured complete at B.C. & F. are cannulated, that is they have a hole along their long axis, requiring a gundrilling hole. This is the best solution when tolerances are demanding. Our around the clock operation assures the fastest turnaround time possible.

BCF Tool Company

BCF Tool Company

B.C. & F. Tool Company was founded in 1946, and is known as a precision manufacturing shop that specializes in small hole diameter gundrilling. We are a family owned and operated, and have a tradition of stable and reliable services to our customers. Our 12,000 sq. ft. facility is located at 26670 Harding Ave., Oak Park, Michigan.

Unparalleled Service

Our small hole gundrilling capability and experience is unparalleled. We routinely gundrill holes .032" to .039" in diameter to a depth of 1.5 inches. Of course, we produce excellent results with all diameters to .750 inches, and depths to 36 inches. Our customers are from diverse areas including automotive, aircraft, medical, and orthopedic surgical instrument industries.

What We Do


B.C. & F. Tool Company has more small hole gundrilling experience than anyone. The reason is simple. No one else can gundrill holes in the range of .032 to .043 inches in diameter. We can achieve some of the highest diameter to depth ratios possible.

A few of the types of parts we drill successfully include, cannulated titanium and stainless steel bone screws and cannulated drills, taps, drill sleeves, guide shafts and other tools for the surgical/medical instrument industry. Blanks, shafts and tubes for automotive and aircraft suppliers. Materials drilled include difficult to machine 304, 316, and 440 stainless steels. Customers who have used tubing to process their parts have found improved quality, more flexible in design and cost savings to have B.C. & F. Tool gundrill their parts from solid.

Bolt hole circles, intricate patterns, and hole matrices can be drilled with our three axis capability. So, if you need thousands of holes in one part rather than thousands of parts with one hole, we can provide that for you as well.

Please review the chart below. If there is a need you have that is beyond the range of the chart, please contact us. We welcome an opportunity to help you find the best solution.


B.C. & F. Tool Company was founded in 1946, as a precision manufacturing facility. Gundrilling is a process we have been using "only" for thirty-five years. Our experience in these areas gives us the unique ability to provide our customers with precision cannulated complete parts, or partially complete cannulated blanks. High revolution drive shafts, precision housings, fuel injector poppets, fuel pump rotors, and thin walled parts, is a short list of the various types of parts we manufacture.

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